Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2002

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Patrick G. Jackson
WCR Editor

We are very pleased to complete the second issue of our third volume of the Western Criminology Review. Once again we are publishing important papers on timely issues in the field.

Gideon Fishman,  Gustavo S. Mesch and Zvi Eisikovits examine the correlates of bullying behaviors and victimization in Israel. This is a timely look at an issue that has generated considerable interest in both the United States and Europe.

Next, Arvind Verma and S.K. Lodha offer and theoretical and mathematical perspective about crime. This article systematically examines the various elements of the criminal event.

Brendan Maguire systematically looks at the distribution of media coverage of various crimes over time. This is a provocative look at how the media play a critical role in the definition of corporate and other crimes.

Richard Hil then provides a refreshing look at critical criminology. His article traces the history of critical criminology and discusses directions for future efforts in this area.

Martin Monto and Steven Garcia examine the effects of a police crackdown on prostitution that focuses on customers rather than providers. This is a welcome addition to an area where there is very little research.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all of the WCR reviewers and Editorial Advisory Board members who have contributed to this journal over the last five years. I am leaving the editorship, which I have enjoyed greatly, and am delighted to have such competent successors.

Patrick Jackson
Sonoma State University

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