Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2000

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Patrick G. Jackson
WCR Editor

This issue of the Western Criminology Review takes on issues central to the discipline of criminology and criminal justice.

Hiroshi Fukurai addresses the question of the representativeness of grand juries in the new millennium as he provides a detailed examination of the uses of the grand jury in Santa Cruz County, California.

Karen Umemoto and Kimi Mikami use crime mapping techniques to interpret the patterning of hate crimes in Los Angeles County. Their provocative analysis demonstrates that hate crime is a patterned offense related to the specific geographical areas in question. Their use of graphics provides the reader with detailed data to support their findings.

Frank Williams, Marilyn McShane, and Ronald Akers offer a fresh perspective about the meaning of fear of crime to respondents and social scientists and the potential of alternative measures of this concept.

Finally, Richard Hil issues a rejoinder to Elliott Currie's discussion in the last issue of the WCR, and Elliott Currie responds. This is a stimulating debate that the profession of criminology and the public should find of interest.

We think that readers will find each of these original writings of well-known scholars a significant contribution to theory, methods, and practice.

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